Transport management software for fleet efficiency

Transport managers use CALIDUS TMS to plan, execute and monitor transport operations with maximum efficiency.

Industry leading transport management software for both 3PL transport managers and transport professionals leading in-house logistics operations.

Industry leading transport management

Our transport management software is designed for both 3PL transport managers servicing multiple contracts and transport professionals leading in-house logistics operations.

The TMS can be configured to meet a wide range of customer needs, which is why leading organisations across retail, wholesale distribution, transport and the 3PL sector trust CALIDUS TMS with their transport business.

Plan trips dynamically - automate your transport schedule

Plan trips dynamically

Automatic allocation of jobs to trips and route templates make it
easy to automate your transport schedule, but dynamic routing and scheduling means you can also respond immediately when conditions change on the roads.

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Complete visibility over the transport network

Reduce empty running miles

With complete visibility over the transport network, you can cut empty running miles from your schedules and manage subcontractors more effectively.


Track deliveries in real-time

Monitor the progress of orders, vehicle trips and individual deliveries from a single screen, with in-cab communications providing real-time data capture as orders are delivered. Status updates and live ETAs enable you to keep customers informed and avoid penalties for missed delivery slots.

Transport management software solutions

Transport management software solutions

Our transport management solutions include:

  • Electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) to reduce paperwork and improve customer service
  • Track and trace (TTM) for real-time supply chain visibility
  • Integration of existing telematics in your vehicles
Find out why an ePOD system is vital to your delivery business in 2016 (PDF) 
"TTM is cutting edge technology that saves our partners so much time by  eliminating the leg work to track freight and providing real-time information  to keep customers happy"  John Davidson, managing director of Partnerlink. View case study