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Our reputation is built on best of breed logistics software, a track record of delivery and a team that understands complex warehouse and transport operations.

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Complete supply chain visibility

Leading organisations with warehouse or transport operations rely on CALIDUS Total Logistics to provide complete supply chain visibility and competitive advantage. Our best-of-breed logistics software is used to support logistics operations ranging in size and complexity from single site operations through to large multi-site international logistics operations.

A wealth of experience-trusted with highly complex logistics operations

A wealth of experience 

At OBSL, we have more than 40 years of experience in logistics and a strong track record of delivery, including more than 500 successful implementations in 60 countries. Our customers know OBS Logistics is a name that can be trusted with highly complex logistics operations.

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Real understanding of warehouse and transport environments

Our solutions 

As well as understanding software, our team of logistics professionals has a real understanding of warehouse and transport environments developed over many years. We know how to develop solutions that make a real difference to your business, whether you operate as a third-party logistics provider, retailer, wholesaler or transport business.

Warehouse and transport software solutions

Meet operational needs

The warehouse and transport software solutions we provide can be integrated with a range of third-party business systems, including leading ERP solutions, to meet specific operational needs. Whilst our software is increasingly being opted as a fully managed service from our data centres, it can alternatively be installed on your own hardware or infrastructure.


People in the following roles use CALIDUS Total Logistics to streamline processes, drive efficiency and improve customer service:


Our transport management software is designed to help transport managers plan and execute complex distribution networks and monitor performance.

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Warehouse managers rely on our software to run complex warehouse environments efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

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Our support services ensure 24/7 availability of business-critical systems, with solutions available on-premise or as a managed service.

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Finance managers at leading logistics organisations trust CALIDUS Total Logistics to optimise operations and maximise profitability.

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"Traceability and accuracy - particularly picking accuracy - is everything for  us."  Brian Smith, IT manager at European Healthcare Campus, DHL Supply Chain.  How do you achieve a single version of the truth for order and inventory  visibility View case study