Logistics software for third-party providers and in-house operations

We provide best- of-breed logistics software solutions to streamline complex processes across warehouse and transport operations. Increase visibility, drive efficiency and improve customer service with CALIDUS Total Logistics.

Complete solution that integrate warehouse management and transport management systems to deliver full supply chain visibility

Integrated warehouse and transport software

What is logistics software? CALIDUS Total Logistics is a complete solution that integrates the CALIDUS warehouse management and transport management systems to deliver full supply chain visibility. The comprehensive solution also includes electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), logistics tracking software (TTM) and CALIDUS Vision, an RF and voice-enabled dashboard for monitoring KPIs.

Specific modules can be chosen to suit the needs of your organisation, with functionality extending to bonded warehousing, a portal for online ordering and rail integration with shipping container management.

Third-party providers and in-house operations

Third-party providers and in-house operations

Any company with a logistics operation can benefit from CALIDUS Total Logistics software. Our global customer base includes third-party logistics providers (3PLs), transport companies and hauliers, as well as wholesale distribution firms and leading retailers.

Our solutions are built to meet the challenges created by multi-warehouse, multi-site and multi-owner logistics operations. 3PLs and transport companies can configure the system to suit the requirements of different clients, while strong integration capabilities mean that data exchange with clients' systems is never problematic. Client-specific tariffs make it simple to bill customers quickly and accurately.

For retailers, e-fulfilment companies and wholesale distributors, our logistics software provides an end-to-end solution to plan, monitor and optimise operations from initial receipt of stock to final delivery.

Cloud-based managed services

Cloud-based managed services

We deliver CALIDUS Total Logistics as a managed service using our private cloud infrastructure, removing the pressures of software upgrades and maintenance so you can focus on running your logistics business. All our data centres are located in the UK and wholly owned by OBS Logistics.

For organisations with specific requirements, our logistics software solutions can also be implemented on the premises. Contact logistic below.

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