Logistics software that meets retail and wholesale distribution challenges

Retailers and wholesale distributors across a range of sectors use our logistics software to meet challenging - and changing - customer requirements.

a complete distribution management platform

Wholesale distributors

With wholesale distribution experience that spans every sector from chemicals to home entertainment, our logistics experts know how to bring accuracy and efficiency to complex distribution networks.

Integration with key applications such as ePOD and RF, as well as your existing ERP and order processing systems, supports the creation of a complete distribution management platform that can cope with the most challenging workloads.

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CALIDUS Total Logistics for complex requirements of the e-tail warehouse

Solutions for retail and e-fulfilment

Retail is changing rapidly, which is why our logistics software is built to support the new breed of retail business. As e-commerce continues to grow and new operational pressures emerge, CALIDUS Total Logistics has been developed to meet the complex requirements of the e-tail warehouse.

Specialist functions such as pick and pack, returns management and online order tracking make our logistics software a highly effective solution in retail sectors including home entertainment, fashion, food and beverage and technology.

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