Providing logistics solutions as a fully managed service

We increasingly deliver CALIDUS Total Logistics as a fully managed service. Our private cloud infrastructure will support your systems while you get on with running your business.

Warehouse staff accessing cloud logistics software

Logistics software in the cloud

Our managed service offering combines the scalability, flexibility and ease of implementation provided by cloud computing with the added peace of mind of operating on your own instance of the system and knowing where your data is. A typical agreement will cover hardware, devices and ongoing maintenance for a predictable annual cost. We can also provide predictability of cost as your requirements change in size and scope over time.

Using the cloud means your IT becomes a annual cost, not a large capital investment. It enables you to manage IT resources strategically, adjusting capacity and speed as the demands of your customers change.

Our managed services are based in secure UK data centres

Secure UK data centres

  • All data centres are wholly owned and managed by OBS Logistics
  • We hold ISO 27001 certification - the recognised standard in information security
  • All our data centre facilities are located within the UK
  • Data centres have comprehensive features – secure sites with 24 hour security, fire systems and dual power supplies to name a few
  • Robust, resilient high availability configurations with comprehensive system security protocols

Managed logistics services leave you to focus on your business

Benefits of managed services

  • Whole solution from a single supplier
  • Predictable cost
  • Scalable and robust IT infrastructure
  • Flexibility and responsiveness for changing customer demands
  • Saas
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