Take the paper chase out of DVSA/VOSA checks with CALIDUS vehicle management software

VEhub is a low-cost mobile vehicle management application for all types of transport operation.

Keeping your fleet safe and compliant with DVSA

Fleet efficiency and safety

Maintaining the correct safety information across your fleet just got simpler and faster for you and your drivers. In the process of doing away with most of the paper, OBS Logistics and our strategic partner TomTom reinvented the process of keeping your fleet safe and in compliance with Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA - previously VOSA) requirements. We provide a timely capability for recording accident information, as well as knowing where your key transport resources are. 

Accessible technology

Accessible technology

CALIDUS VEhub runs as a straightforward App on Android devices, and specifically for TomTom followers, will deploy on all 827x series devices. This gives you an all-in-one driver-orientated dashboard device that acts as both Sat Nav and driver information centre.

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Easily access safety information

Easy access

All your driver has to do is log on and, through a few easy steps, they can capture all the safety checking information the law requires before starting their journey. Photo capture and defect reporting make the process more consistent and accurate than paper, not to mention faster as an end to end process.

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Accident logging capability with VEhub

Accident records

If the worst happens and a driver is involved in an accident, information is best captured as soon as possible. VEhub has a full accident logging capability, including accident scene and vehicle damage photo capture. The format driven recording helps to ensure that the details that are required are fully captured. The accident report can then be sent back to the transport department for processing rather than waiting for the driver to return to base.

Rapid data capture with VEhub

Assets located and logged

Add a low cost barcode scanning App to your VEhub and it becomes a rapid data capture tool. All you have to do is attach barcode labels to your fleet assets and your staff can rapidly scan them with VEhub logging the precise location and time, making tracking fast, accurate and above all easy. 

Access performance reports with CALIDUS VEhub


CALIDUS VEhub has a full suite of reports so that you can rapidly assess the condition of the fleet and take proactive action to keep your vehicles operating in optimum condition.

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