Order management that drives better customer service

CALIDUS ONLINE allows your customers to easily and securely access a customised order entry and stock information portal.

Optimise transport operations with CALIDUS TMS

Optimise trips from order capture to delivery

Planning transport operations can be a challenge, but CALIDUS TMS provides the support you need. The system’s comprehensive functionality includes dynamic routing and scheduling, automatic/manual allocation of jobs to trips, cross-docking capabilities and live re-scheduling for when deliveries don’t go to plan.

Reduce risks by providing greater visibility for your customers

Provide greater visibility for your customers

Online ordering through the CALIDUS Portal allows customers to enter their orders directly into the system. The risk of order processing errors is greatly reduced - and the customer can check inventory levels before they place a new order. Once entered, they can easily monitor the progress of their order to completion.

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Inventory visibility throughout the supply chain

Track inventory through the supply chain

The superior visibility provided by our online ordering system makes it easy to track the movement of stock through the supply chain. The benefits are felt by your customers and your staff, with real-time information on stock levels, delivery progress and ETAs accessible at all times.

Create a more productive team

Reduce your internal workload

With customers entering their own orders via the Portal, you can ease the burden on staff who would previously have to re-key a large volume of orders manually. This frees up time for customer service staff to become proactive, providing accurate information to customers based on up-to-the-minute data instead of responding to phone calls about order updates.

Make online ordering part of your total logistics solution

Make online ordering part of your total logistics solution

Personalised branding: customise your portal with your own company livery, or your customer’s branding 

Integrated systems: for a complete inventory management and tracking solution, integrate your Portal with the CALIDUS warehouse management software and transport management software suite.

"Traceability and accuracy - particularly picking accuracy - is everything for  us."  Brian Smith, IT manager at European Healthcare Campus, DHL Supply Chain.  How do you achieve a single version of the truth for order and inventory  visibility View case study