Warehouse performance measurement that drives efficiency

 CALIDUS VISION is a management dashboard to enable you to have situational awareness of your operations to help monitor historical analysis

Live performance view powered by CALIDUS Vision

Up-to-the-minute performance view

Powered by data from existing operations on your warehouse floor, CALIDUS Vision provides the situational awareness you need to make better decisions. With the diagram-based dashboard, traffic light coded KPI graphs help you spot trends and take action instantly - analyse an individual picker’s performance or assess your overall progress against key benchmarks.

Tradeteam Transport

Custom reporting

CALIDUS Total Logistics can generate more than 150 standard reports to help monitor all aspects of logistics operational performance. It also contains a report generator function, which simplifies the process of creating custom reports for users with client-specific reporting requirements.

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Labour management

Labour management

The facilities in CALIDUS Vision help you get the most from precious resources in your logistics operation. Traffic light displays allow you to easily monitor the flow of work and match demand to the resources available, whether these are pickers or free space on vehicles. The unprompted awareness provided by our fast responding dashboards helps busy managers stay ahead of constantly changing demand curves, whilst maintaining cost-effective resource levels.

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