Specialist bonded warehouse software to make HMRC compliance easy

CALIDUS Bond is an integrated bonded warehouse system that ensures HMRC compliance when storing wet and dry bond goods, as well as driving efficiency through reduced data entry and automated document HMRC compliance

Duty management savings

Solutions for duty management

Reduce your import costs and pay the lowest possible duty on your storage and exports. Take advantage of HMRC's duty and VAT relief schemes if your imports are stored for a long time, attract excise tax or are exported to non-EU countries.

Our software and expertise saves time and money for importers, exporters and international traders. CALIDUS Bond covers CFSP, warehousing, excise, IPR, OPR, PCC, multi-country Intrastat, CAP, NCTS, NES and EMCS.

Both large and small to medium-sized businesses rely on our bonded software for their Customs compliance, declarations and selecting the best possible duty/VAT rates, all kept up to date by a knowledgeable and approachable support team.

Integrate with HMRC's online systems

Integrate with HMRC's online systems

Our bonded warehousing solution supports Customs, Excise and Custom & Excise warehousing. Full integration with HMRC's online systems means you can remove the administrative burden created by excess paperwork - bond is cleared electronically.

Berry Bros. & Rudd selects CALIDUS BOND  London’s premier wine merchant updates warehouse with CALIDUS Bonded Warehouse  Management Software from OBS Logistics. View case study
Process bonded goods with optimum efficiency

Streamline the processing of bonded goods

The rule-driven system makes it possible to process bonded goods with optimum efficiency. Duty paid/bonded stock is recorded within one system and full audit trails provide complete traceability and accurate reporting.

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