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Happy Holidays from The Anisa Group

Posted 15-Dec-2017 13:56:19



Bretts Transport takes the road to success with OBS Logistics

Posted 09-Jan-2017 14:45:29

OBS Logistics is proud to announce that Bretts Transport Ltd will be joining our ever expanding customer base after selecting our CALIDUS...


OBS Logistics launch new product Vision

Posted 04-Jan-2017 10:36:00

OBS Logistics are excited to announce the launch of their new step change application that delivers real time alerts on business critical...


Merry Christmas from us all at OBS Logistics!

Posted 15-Dec-2016 13:48:59

 The night before Christmas, at the world's biggest toy company,  The Boss checks everything is ready, and it all seems right until.. A massive...


Customer Evening at Berry Brothers & Rudd on October 2016

Posted 07-Sep-2016 10:30:00



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