Partnerlink: accurate freight tracking with CALIDUS ePOD & TTM

Posted 01-Jul-2015 16:25:00

Partnerlink on the road to accurate freight tracking with CALIDUS ePOD and TTMPartnerlink is a freight-sharing network that offers the efficient and direct movement of freight to its ultimate destination. Via its sixteen partners within the network, it reaches all four corners of the UK, offering strong regional distribution and excellent customer service for its users.

Central to maintaining customer service across the network was the requirement to have access to track freight across the partner organisations, regardless of which partner was transporting it to its final destination.

The chosen software solution had to provide the ability to communicate with the office and also capture signatures and be future proof. It also had to integrate with other shareholders' transport management systems (TMS). Including Vigo, Stirling Solutions, Mandata, TOPS and Haultech.

“OBS Logistics’ CALIDUS ePOD and CALIDUS TTM software provided the solutions we’d been looking for and was clearly ahead of the market place”. - John Davidson, Partnerlink.

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