Kersey Freight Limited goes Paperless with Daily Vehicle Checks using VEhub

Posted 11-Jul-2017 12:59:13

We are delighted to welcome Kersey Freight Limited into the CALIDUS family. Kersey Freight Limited has decided to go paperless, maintaining the correct safety information across their fleet such as vehicle checks, accident reports and trailer scans. Kersey Freight Limited offer premium service for the delivery of cargo within the UK and also into the European Union.

They are specialists in all aspects of delivery cargo and have a strong reputation for high service levels and customer satisfaction. VEhub is a software solution that works seamlessly with TomTom Telematics PRO Navigation and Tracking hardware. Providing Kersey Freight Limited with the perfect way to maintain control and manage their fleet efficiency and safety. Allowing their drivers to log on and, through a few easy steps; capture all the safety checking information the law requires before starting their journey.

OBS Logistics and our strategic partner TomTom reinvented the process of keeping your fleet safe and in compliance with Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA - previously VOSA) requirements. The app also provides a timely capability for recording accident information, as well as knowing where your key transport assets such as trailers are located.


Click here to speak to an expert for more information on how you can get your first 3 months free with a CALIDUS VEhub 27 month contract.

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