OBS Logistics launch new product Vision

Posted 04-Jan-2017 10:36:00

OBS Logistics are excited to announce the launch of their new step change application that delivers real time alerts on business critical situations: Visionvision order bank.png

Available on desktop and all mobile types, Vision ensures you’re the first to know about any critical situation
unfolding in your business, and with customisable alerts you can choose just how much or little information
you wish to be alerted about.

Vision sets itself apart from the crowd by delivering exactly what it promises; reliable, accurate and real time
alerts to changes in your business. This accuracy and precision allows you to be on top of any situation, inform
customers as soon as possible of how any of the changes may affect them and to manage their expectations.

Tying in with the flexibility and personalisation of Vision, it is available as a hosted subscription service or can
be hosted and managed by clients, it’s all down to you.

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Don’t forget to call us for more information on Vision; during the months of December and January, for each
enquiry we receive we will donate £5 to Children In Need.

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