The Anisa Group

OBS Logistics is a member of the Anisa Group of companies providing best of breed logistics software solutions.

Anisa Group - providing best of breed logistics software solutions

Leaders in integrated supply chain solutions 

The Anisa Group consists of leading companies specialising in the delivery of world-class integrated supply chain and extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

We implement and support operations across the world for our clients based on industry leading solutions, delivered by our loyal customer focused and experienced staff, with a true 24/7/365 global support service and cost effective managed services capability through our own ISO 27001 accredited data centres.

Proven track record delivery integrated supply chain solutions

Customer-centric approach 

Whether your company is involved in logistics, engineering, manufacturing, wholesale distribution or retail, Anisa Group has the proven solutions and a 40 year track record of successful implementations to enable us to successfully work with you to meet your needs.

Supply chains with backbone  How do you achieve a single version of the truth for order and inventory  visibility? Download guide