Hanson Logistics chooses CALIDUS WMS for its top tier COMAH warehouse

Hanson LogisticsThird-party logistics specialist Hanson Logistics is benefiting from a standard, off-the-shelf wireless warehouse management system from OBS Logistics. The sophisticated CALIDUS WMS simplifies the warehousing of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, including flammable products.

The system makes it easy for Hanson Logistics to manage a wide range of goods, including lubricants, paints and surface treatments, optimising warehouse space and ensuring that they are stored safely, according to strict Health & Safety standards, in its top tier COMAH warehouse and flammable storage areas.

Using the system, Hanson Logistics has eliminated the hard work of ensuring that none compatible materials are segregated in the 55,000-sqft warehouse as well as in the flammable storage and sampling areas. The system also ensures batch traceability so that when a customer has tested a sample and agreed to order the product, the required quantity is taken from the correct batch.


Warehouse management softwareHanson Logistics receives and manages substantial volumes of chemicals in all formats of containers, including drums, IBC’s and palletised product. These products are put away in the high bay narrow aisle warehouse using Very Narrow Aisle forklift trucks equipped with large screen fixed-mount terminals linked to barcode scanners. This mobile computing technology eliminates paper documentation, ensuring storage accuracy and efficient use of the forklifts and drivers’ time.

"With CALIDUS WMS we are able to make the most efficient use of our warehouse space while working with the constraints of managing hazardous and non-hazardous products." Paul Pheasey, MD

The system controls the entire warehouse operation, telling the forklift drivers where to go to either put away the products or pick them and importantly it maximises the use of available warehouse space. It also ensures optimal use of the fleet of forklifts by having the option of ‘dual cycling’, so that drivers do not waste time moving from one part of the facility to another - the system keeps them working in their assigned aisles.


CALIDUS WMS uses a number of unique separate algorithms to manage warehouse space so that chemical warehousing companies can run at a very high fill rate without compromising safety, flexibility, accuracy or service.

Dave Renshaw, CEO of OBS Logistics says, "CALIDUS WMS can run any warehouse at very high fill rates and still maintain efficiency. The system has full Hazchem functionality and will ensure that products are stored in the correct hazard area while optimising the available space. CALIDUS WMS can run at well over 90%, even with hazardous and non-hazardous products within the same facility. This allows our customers to make safe and efficient use of their warehouses. It also allows new customers to be catered for so that the company can develop its business without fear of compromising its service levels."


The Hanson Logistics site has three parts: the main warehouse, a bunded flammable storage area surrounded by a fire resistant wall and a sample despatch/re-pack area. The flammable storage area ensures that products which could create explosive atmospheres are totally segregated from other products.

The advantage of CALIDUS WMS is its ability to lock down the flammable areas so that only intrinsically safe equipment can be used within those parts of the facility. The software prevents the use of other electronic equipment that could create an ignition source in this area.


This level of control removes the need to equip all the warehouse operators with intrinsically safe devices, which can cost up to five times the price of standard terminals and are expensive to maintain; it is much more cost effective to utilise the system’s intelligence to only run these devices in the flammables areas.

"With CALIDUS WMS we are able to make the most efficient use of our warehouse space while working with the constraints of managing hazardous and non-hazardous products. The system also ensures we run the fleet of forklifts effectively by working in the aisles so that we can maintain a very efficient operation in terms of storage and service," says Paul Pheasey, Managing Director, Hanson Logistics

  • Standard off the shelf warehouse management software that is easily customisable to meet the demanding requirements of the chemical industry
  • Optimises the use of available space in the warehouse and other storage areas in hazardous environments, including intrinsically safe areas
  • Maximises the use of VNA forklifts so that products are picked systematically and the vehicles remain in their designated warehouse aisles
  • Paperless, electronic system utilising wireless barcode picking and put away
  • Improves picking accuracy and operator efficiency
  • Full traceability of samples to batches to ensure customers receive exactly the product they ordered
  • Maximises warehouse fill rates in all environments, including hazardous operations
  • Vast reporting capabilities
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