DHL Supply Chain - Pharmaceutical chooses CALIDUS logistics software

The success of DHL Supply Chain is impressive. In part it is due to their remarkable efficiency, in part to their high level of industry specialisation. Both are true of their role in the Healthcare logistics marketplace. OBS Logistics is proud of the part CALIDUS has played in their success.

DHL supply chainThe strict regulations and quality standards of the life sciences and healthcare market - no problem for DHL." That's their proud claim. This is what Nigel Underwood, CIO, DHL Supply Chain has to say about the CALIDUS solution:

"The Warehouse Management System is a key component of our Healthcare solution set, which we are continuing to develop and enhance in our bid to become the leading global supplier of innovative supply chain solutions"

DHL Supply Chain certainly has achieved its aim as leading supplier in the sector, with users like Janssen Cilag, Smiths Portex, GSK, Roche, Bayer, Boehringer Ingleheim and Pfizer.

Paul White, IS Director Healthcare, takes up the theme:

Logistics software delivers efficiency for DHL Supply Chain“The capabilities of the system are a great fit for the demands of the healthcare sector. This combined with GAMP validation provides us with a competitive edge across all our target markets including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare. We count 9 of 10 global pharma companies as system users, along with leading organisations in each of the other sectors.”

The outsourcing of logistics services is playing an increasingly important role in the life sciences and healthcare industry. With their extensive industry knowledge, certified facilities and processes, DHL Supply Chain offers flexible solutions that comply with all legal requirements.

As their website explains, using modern, validated IT systems, customers can monitor the status and origin of all goods in stock at all times, and are always in full control of the supply chain.

Last word goes to Ben Gilkes, Head of IS for Healthcare & Technology at DHL,

"We were pioneers in validating logistics systems for Healthcare companies and it certainly helped to be working with professionals like OBS. A true partnership."

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