Warehousing: How to Keep Up with Changing Customer Demands

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 7 Mar, 2018

customer phone callThe roles have changed, customers are the new boss within the supply chain world, their needs are constantly changing and we have to react to this by responding through our processes. In order to stay competitive it is important to keep up with orders, but it doesn’t stop there. Customers now require instant access to information, and your operational processes can provide this competitive advantage, providing a seamless service with full visibility.

Technology provides warehouse managers the capability to accomplish demands through cost and time effective methods. A warehouse management system is simply a management system, but in order to keep up with customer demands you have to consider the elements around that system. New modules surrounding warehouse management software such as a customer access portal and alerting dashboards have been developed; they provide benefits to your customers through increased visibility and status information. Your team are now able to foresee potential risks that may affect meeting your customers’ demands and therefore either fix the problem, or have the opportunity to inform your customer, helping to manage expectations.

Alert dashboards give you early warnings of potential risks, this gives you the visibility to understand if customer needs will be met. Having access to this information enables you to keep customers informed and ensure you are managing their expectations. This is vital amongst today’s market and the current demands, customers like to be kept informed. If expectations are not likely to be met, you have an opportunity to notify and delight them through other means to make up for the delay. This can often be the differentiator in a customer’s experience raising the probability of retention and positive word of mouth. Click here to learn about the CALIDUS alerting dashboard called Mobile Vision 

How WMS helps to satisfy customers summed up in 3 points:
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1. Data exchange between customers and suppliers implemented quickly and effectively due to flexible data formatting

2. Improvements in customer service by access to up to date, accurate information

3. Customer retention through high service levels and ease of doing business with facilities such as web portal for customer ordering and web track and trace of shipments

Being adaptable is an important factor when competing in today’s market. As discussed, customer needs are constantly changing and meeting them is a vital goal. You may have an amazing team, but you also need to ensure you have reliable software.
You need software that of course, does what it says on the tin, but also allows your business to grow.
An adaptable WMS (click here to download our guide) is essential for busy times and the future ahead.


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