Software that Supports UK Ports to Optimise Warehouse Processes

Posted by Nathanael Lessore 23 Apr, 2019


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Software that supports UK Ports to optimise warehouse processes

OBS Logistics, the best in class end-to-end total logistics solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of 3 new modules, with the capability of integrating with any WMS solution. Each module is designed specifically to enhance the efficiency and productivity of UK Ports, optimising their operations and driving better visibility of Bays, Yards and Containers.


Bay Diary is a web-based application that integrates seamlessly with your current WMS system. A simple, effective way of managing delivery slots, demurrage reports and warehouse resources, a bay diary is every logistician’s dream bolt-on system.

Bay Diary provides a simple, effective and instant view of all movements, including all entries and exits, precise timings and the relevant quantities. Further detailed information on vehicles, equipment and cargo combine to provide a comprehensive view of all activities in the Bay.

It’s what you know

Put your mind at ease with easy access to vital information such as:

  • Knowing who and what is coming through your port at all times, thanks to an automated Gated System that logs arrivals and departures
  • Patterns in resource peaks and troughs that allow you to predict volatility, and take appropriate action in advance   
  • Live reporting of completed customer requests
  • Live warehouse status and availability throughout the day

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Yard and Container Management

Available as a plug-in to your current Warehouse Management System, CALIDUS Yard and Container Management includes the same Gatehouse vehicle logging systems, configurable time slots and live-reporting of the Bay Diary, as well as the more detailed and advanced system functions that are needed to manage your yards and trailers.

Logistics Software Improves Business Performance

Complimenting your existing systems with Yard and Container Management gives you complete control and visibility of all your daily activities across multiple warehouses of any size, increasing efficiency and productivity. Comprehensive functionality includes:

  • Management of short-term tractors and trailers parking in your yards
  • Scanning of container serial-numbers and detailed recordings for both singular and grouped deliveries
  • Monitoring and automated logging of trailer and container unloading times, contributing to simpler and more accurate resource forecasting
  • Customised alerts to warn in advance when specific containers are nearing return dates, enabling you to avoid penalty fees and demurrage charges
  • An effective, colour coded visual status indicator for every individual port delivery

This incredible level of visibility and data communication means your operational staff can make rapid enquiries and immediately respond to customer queries.


Terminal Management

Another first, CALIDUS Terminal Management is also a web-based application that can interface with both warehouse and transport management systems to provide a fully integrated electronic data interchange (EDI). Truly versatile, this solution interfaces with your current WMS and TMS on any multi-modal site that handles bulk, palletised and container based goods.

Endless Performance Capabilities in the Palm of Your Hand

As well as the comprehensive functions of our other CALIDUS Cargo Management solutions, Terminal Management offers you a highly capable system that provides seamless operations management and full traceability thanks to:

  • EDI between your rail and shipping information
  • Customised yard and trailer management
  • Receipting, inspection and put-away processes within your WMS
  • Accessible container type and status information (including empty, damaged, and refrigerated)
  • Fully mobile situation awareness that produces automatic KPI alerts

This software is designed to be as paperless and electronically functional as possible, allowing you to manage advanced operations with ease and mobility.


OBS Logistics is a best-in-class integrated solutions provider. Every product in our CALIDUS Total Logistics range is designed to meet the specific needs of your business, allowing our team of software developers to provide you with systems that meet customer commitments, save costs and improve operational efficiency.


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