Shorten Order Fulfilment Times in Warehousing

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 5 Apr, 2018

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Speed and timeliness is an important factor for all working in supply chain operations. We all understand too well how important meeting time slots and efficiency is across each process.

Wanting to shorten order fulfilment times, stems from not only operational desire but customer needs. Customer demands are ever-changing, requiring businesses to enhance their services and offerings in order to stay competitive. Customers want shorter order times from the moment they click to buy, to front door delivery, but how is this achieved effectively?

There are many features within supply chain solutions that can aid shortening order fulfilment times. Processes that ensure your team are well informed for example live data capture provide the capability to project and plan any potential risks or factors that may bring a delay to orders being fulfilled.

Keeping the customer informed with up to date information is another key factor in achieving this growing need. If an order cannot be fulfilled as quickly as promised, keeping the customer informed, maintains the relationship and provides you time to delight in a different way.  

Features within warehousing solutions that can aid shortening order fulfilment times:

The use of a bay diary: A bay diary ensures your vehicles arrive through a planned effective process; the ability to record stock arriving on site into your warehouse gives you an efficient fast process of transferring goods and the ability to maintain a level of deliveries entering your warehouse. 

Barcode scanning with full RF & voice capability: Enables live productivity data capture from RF terminals providing you with instant picture of all your warehouse activity and operational efficiency.

Portal: secure user access allows your team and your individual customers discrete access to real time information about order status, stock balances, pick and despatch status, through a security controlled portal which can be branded in yours and/or your customers’ corporate style.

Dashboards: Dashboard and fully automated alert tools provide management level live monitoring across your business.  This capability allows you to be alerted of any impending issues before they become critical.


All these features play a part in a wider process to keep your team and customer informed. Keeping your team informed with accurate data enables them to efficiently work and provide successful order fulfilment.


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