Why Real-Time Notifications are Critical to your Business

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 11 Jul, 2017

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In our daily modern world, everything is operated in real-time, from minor daily communication to big scale crisis management, making real-time visibility and notifications vital in order to survive and master your market.

Customer needs have sky rocketed within the last 5 years with regards to real-time notifications and tracking. Your Customers and their satisfaction are at the forefront of every business and this feature which was once a ‘nice to have’ is now an essential customer need and touchpoint, and not having the capabilities to provide this could be detrimental.

In order to gain competitive advantage within your market, it is vital to not just keep up with industry trends and buyer behaviour, but to fully understand your market and constantly adopt initiatives ensuring you stay relevant. For example, as technology has progressed over the last 5 to 10 years, businesses across the globe have benefitted by adopting new technologies’ such as software systems to improve processes and offerings. If you are not adopting initiatives, for example real-time notifications within your warehousing or transport operations where the rest of your competitors are, this could be critical for the growth and development of your business.

Real-time notifications mean that you can receive information about potential issues immediately, allowing your transport or warehousing team to have early alerts about possible bottlenecks before they occur, enabling timely, preventative action. This not only empowers your team, but creates an efficient and effective way of working.

Supply chain operations are diverse and complex; your teams are critical to success throughout the business therefore it is important each business area is fully informed with the ability to correctly control and manage various aspects of your operations. Real-time notifications and data allow teams to identify the events that require action immediately and monitor any status updates.

Mobile Vision allows you to receive real-time notifications of business-critical events as they happen in your environment, helping to build unrivalled customer confidence and providing insights on the move and across devices.

Accessible on mobile, PC and MAC, mobile vision is not limited to office-only use. Allowing your teams to keep customers informed, troubleshoot issues and set up alerts on the go. Expectations for your supply chain are becoming increasingly demanding and real-time capabilities help you to maintain your operations, issues, communications and demands in the now, which is critical to your business.

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