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What Electronic Proof of Delivery Can Do For Your End Customer

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 21 Mar, 2018



Warehousing: How to Keep Up with Changing Customer Demands

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 7 Mar, 2018

The roles have changed, customers are the new boss within the supply chain world, their needs are constantly changing and we have to react to this...


Social Media in the Supply Chain

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 21 Feb, 2018

In the last 10 years social media has been on the rise. With over 10 billion users, spending over 2 hours a day on social media, we now have more...


We Asked People About Their Best Delivery Experience Ever...

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 8 Feb, 2018

Considering the “customer first” is a very successful and well-practiced logic in business; with that said, wouldn’t it be great to hear straight...


The Use and Development of Drones in the Supply Chain

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 17 Jan, 2018



CEO of OBS Logistics, Dave Renshaw, Discusses Supply Chain Trends for 2018

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 2 Jan, 2018

As the year draws to an end, we look towards the year ahead and consider the possibilities for the future in the supply chain. Discussing topics...