International Day of Happiness 2017: Giving our Customers a Reason to Smile

Posted by Ellen King 20 Mar, 2017

Happy Logistics Customer TMS software 

It’s international happiness day and here at OBS Logistics we wish all our clients and partners across our network a happy and productive start to the spring season. We are hoping that this gives businesses the motivation and opportunity to have a spring clean and update their software and ERP systems.

Brushing the dust off and making a change can often be a daunting task, often tempting people to push it into the background and leave it for another day. Happiness and positivity can often help businesses be more productive and lead to a greater output from the workforce and, in turn, lead to increased revenues.

Our customers have had plenty of positive things to say about our ERP software. Berry Bros & Rudd said:

"OBS Logistics has a very functionally rich solution and they do understand the special requirements of a drinks company – bonding warehousing, customs regulations and procedures".

By being able to improve our customers’ businesses efficiency, we hope to be able to provide more experiences like this to other businesses across the UK.

Many businesses claim that communication and visibility are key factors in reducing efficiency levels. At OBS Logistics we aim to streamline internal supply chain processes with an emphasis on transparency, so everyone is on the same page and can see where products are in the pipeline. Partnerlink gave feedback noting our software’s efficiency:

"The ability to be able to see where the freight is within the network without the need to pick up the phone, and to estimate its time of delivery accurately was the primary objective for looking to find a technology solution".

By seeing where goods are within the network, Partnerlink were able to give timely and accurate measures of delivery to their customers and other stakeholders.

We look to give our customers a competitive edge; by being one step ahead of the competition they can win more business which leads to happy results. We have achieved this with multiple market leaders, one of which being DHL, who say:

“The capabilities of the system are a great fit for the demands of the healthcare sector. This combined with GAMP validation provides us with a competitive edge across all our target markets including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare. We count 9 of 10 global pharma companies as system users, along with leading organisations in each of the other sectors.”

We hope that by making our technology accessible to UK manufacturers we can continue the good faith and optimise our customers supply chain processes. By doing this, we hope to put more smiles on more people’s faces for the rest of 2017.

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