How will Modern Warehouse Management Systems Affect Logistics Companies Throughout the Christmas Period?

Posted by Nathanael Lessore 30 Nov, 2018



Logistics companies can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Black Friday sales are behind us; however, the brief respite precedes an intensely busy festive period that will likely follow through into the next calendar year.

This second stretch of the holiday season brings with it the uphill battle to transport and deliver the nation’s food, gifts and decorations in time for Christmas (2017 saw online retail spending alone exceed £25 Billion in the UK). Warehouse management cannot afford to be any less than perfect at a time where so much is expected from the logistics industry.

Thankfully, adding absolute seamlessness to the most hectic warehouse schedules has never been easier; the efficiency and robust benefits that comes with employing a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) means you won’t be relying on a Christmas miracle for flawless daily operations.


What are the main concerns for warehouses this Christmas, and how can we overcome them?


Staffing Levels

The staff shortage in the UK logistics industry might be seen as especially detrimental during the busy festive period; the pressure of varying and increased customer demands requires companies to employ more staff in order to deal with the added workload. You may not be in a position to hire your desired number of staff due to budget limitations; however, you can rely on WMS software for such needs as replenishments, digital order capture, billing and fulfilment.

Not only will you see an increase in productivity, you will save labour costs as well as the cost of any time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry and rectifying human errors. Software solutions such as CALIDUS WMS offers mass digital organisation to your workforce management while also catering to your bespoke warehouse needs.


Picking time

When working your way through multiple orders, every minute of the day that you are not operating at maximum efficiency is a minute wasted. This is not only a hindrance to your cash flow; it can cause a ripple effect of delays that your supply chain simply cannot afford.

CALIDUS WMS includes automated planning and pick wave generation, allowing your staff to fulfil orders based on groups of stock, transport modes, batch numbers and other highly specific product details. This allows pickers to complete multiple orders in a shorter time frame as they are not making multiple trips to the same section of your warehouse.



One of the main concerns for warehouse managers is the limited space to store endless amounts of additional stock. The extra stock that is necessary for periods of high demand needs to be stored, traced, picked and replenished accordingly. Within these needs are breadths of individual requirements that vary, significantly, from one SCM company to another. The CALIDUS software used by Port of Dover, for example, was developed to provide temperature controlled handling and storage for their new refrigerated cargo terminal.

CALIDUS WMS uses smart predictors to quantify your stock levels and replenishment requirements. This can allow you to make full use of all your available warehouse space while also giving you full visibility to individual product status and location.


The technology in the current supply chain industry is providing a greater sense of ease and focus to logistics companies, both building up to and throughout the Christmas season. The vast increase in efficiency that is available with advanced WMS software is a gift you can use all year round.


If you’re looking to expand operations or increase warehouse productivity, click here to find out more about CALIDUS WMS.


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