Anisa Group are Hosting an Evening of Opportunity at 140 Buckingham Palace Road on the 14th November

Posted by Nathanael Lessore 25 Sep, 2018


140 BPR


We firmly believe that the relationship with our customers and clients transcends business

The Anisa Group is excited to invite our associates to an Evening of Opportunity. Guests are looking forward to being treated to a hand-picked selection of fine wines and accompanying canapés. The food menu will be expertly crafted to compliment the award winning wine, making for an unforgettable dining experience.

Guests are also looking forward to seeing our new products featured on display. Our customers and clients will be treated to an evening that showcases the efficiency of our latest product range while also being given the chance to network and build relationships throughout the event.

As a business that prides itself on fully dependable software and long-lasting relations, we are honoured to host an Evening of Opportunity with our growing network of clientele. We look forward to celebrating the collective success of our clients and customers while treating them to a delightful and memorable evening.


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