What Electronic Proof of Delivery Can Do For Your End Customer

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 21 Mar, 2018

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Every forward thinking transport delivery business heading in the right direction has something in common, a particular need and objective that needs to be considered when making any business decisions.

“What can this do for my end customer?”

Transport management software provides many known internal benefits such as unified logistics management, efficient planning and optimisation of trips, creating a single place for businesses to run their transport operations. However, are you aware of the benefits you can deliver to your customers through using transport management software such as an electronic proof of delivery system?

Improved customer service through unified internal communications and fast dispute resolution

With real-time debrief, allowing easy communication between your transport team and driver’s cab, they are able to keep up to speed with the current situation and issues without any distraction to the driver. Customer queries can therefore be answered promptly with the correct information, ensuring high levels of service. Having this type of close-knit and accurate information allows you to have full visibility, for example, oversight on confirmation on deliveries, which also allows you to improve your cash-flow by enabling earlier billing against these confirmed deliveries.

ePOD provides issue management and resolution tools, customers are now able to receive their delivery documents through email automatically once the driver has completed the delivery. This can help your customer service team by keeping your customer informed and providing them with the correct documentation straight away. This automatic process helps to reduce the number of customer queries and potential stressful situations. Your staff are able to observe any potential schedule changes via the ePOD enquiry screen, enabling them to alert customers if appropriate to do so.

Why ePOD is a benefit to your end customer

Improved customer service – Full visibility on status of deliveries allows you to answer your customer queries quickly and accurately.

Faster dispute resolution – Electronic records accounting for all your deliveries makes for a much easier and clearer claims process. Your customers are able to have any disputes, missing or damaged delivery claims resolved at a much faster and organised pace.

Managing customer expectations - By keeping customers in the loop through delivery documents, status updates and fast dispute resolution, you are able to manage your customers expectation and sustain a credible relationship, giving your customer a good experience overall.


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