Can logistics software provide reliable customer delivery windows?

Posted by Matthew Turner 10 Feb, 2016

Can logistics software provide reliable customer delivery windows?

If you’re under pressure to improve customer service and increase operational efficiency, logistics software solutions are likely to be top of your shopping wishlist. We’ve taken a look at what consumers really want in 2016, and how your company can meet these expectations.

Delivering customer satisfaction during the last mile

Not all consumers share a need for speed. In fact, it’s convenience that they really crave. Rather than having to wait at home to sign for a package, or making a visit to a post office to collect missed deliveries, shoppers would rather be given a delivery window that will be met.

The Customer Pulse 2015 report, conducted by YouGov, asked UK adults to rank their priorities around home delivery. Interestingly, 25% cited convenience, while only 18% opted for speed. In addition, 33% of respondents claimed they would be likely to pick a retailer that offered a particular slot for delivery at an extra cost, over one which just offered free delivery.

Even after an order is placed and is shipped, convenience was still found to be a factor for consumers. In fact, 20% of respondents stated that they valued the ability to change a delivery date or time once an order had already been placed.

Fragile loyalty, handle with care

Consumers will vote with their feet if their delivery expectations aren’t met. Over half (56%) of online shoppers who experienced delivery problems at peak times during the last 12 months, such as Black Friday and Christmas, claimed that they would be unlikely to shop with the same retailer this year. This underlines the importance of logistics software such as warehouse management, transport management and electronic proof of delivery, ensuring that customer service is maintained all year round by Delivering on Time and in Full (OTIF), even during peak periods.

Transport and logistics software can help

“The last mile” of the supply chain can be the most difficult to perfect, and managing delivery windows is a key challenge that many retailers struggle with. However, digitised supply chains can enable companies to realise a 400% increase in adherence to home delivery windows, according to supply chain specialist Rocket Consulting. 

Almost any supply chain operation can benefit from logistics software, which provides an end-to-end solution to plan, monitor and optimise operations from receipt of stock to final delivery. 

Our logistics software can help to deliver supply chain visibility, enabling collaboration between warehouse management, transport management, electronic proof of delivery (ePOD), logistics tracking software (TTM) and KPI dashboards. In addition, 3PLs can configure our platform to suit the unique requirements of different clients, and client-specific tariffs make it simple to bill customers quickly and accurately. 

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