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Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 8 Feb, 2018

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Considering the “customer first” is a very successful and well-practiced logic in business; with that said, wouldn’t it be great to hear straight from the source when it comes to people’s best delivery experience? We all know what makes a good delivery in comparison to a bad one, but what about the moments of delight or, a solution to a mistake which has turned the customer’s whole experience around?

After completing a detailed survey, OBS logistics have provided you detailed ‘best delivery’ examples from members of the public, who use and purchase an array of products. These participants were specifically delighted and received a memorable enough experience to still talk about it today. Could there be something here that could easily be done that you aren’t doing?

Argos - Homeware

I ordered my homeware from Argos but, unfortunately, they sent the delivery to my billing address which meant it didn’t arrive to me. I rang up and explained the situation and the customer service team were really helpful. They found the nearest store to me that had all my items in stock and arranged transport to deliver to the correct address on the same day. To apologise for the hassle, they also gave me some free items including a sandwich toaster.


Glossier – Beauty products

Due to unprecedented demand for their UK launch, my order was slightly delayed in reaching me, so they sent me a voucher for £5 off my next order. Also, delivery on orders over £25 is free as a standard which I thought was very good. The product only ended up being two days later than they initially said, but by offering me that discount they secured another order from me.

Littlewoods – Various homeware items

I ordered some homeware items including a rug; I was emailed the expected delivery date and told I would later receive a time-slot on the actual day of delivery. I was delighted at how informed I was kept throughout the purchase. On the day of delivery I was emailed which hour I would receive my delivery, and the name of the driver. As soon as I had received my delivery (which was all on time) I received an email confirming that the delivery had been signed for and complete. I thought this was a great experience because I was kept informed throughout and it gave an impression that they had everything organised extremely well.


Equally, a memorable experience isn’t always good, here is an example from one of our participants which proves that without proper processes and visibility throughout your logistics, operations can go terribly wrong leaving negative lasting impressions.

I ordered a vacuum cleaner; I chose a delivery day and received a confirmation email. I arranged to work from home specially, and waited in all day for the delivery. By 4pm there was still no sign of the delivery, so I emailed the company who told me that they were sorry for the delay and would contact the courier. I hadn’t heard anything by 5pm so tried to call, only to find the office closes at 5. Sadly, my delivery never arrived. I emailed first thing in the morning (the only phone number is a sales office) only to be told that there had been an issue with stock from the supplier and that they had not been notified until this morning. I assume the supplier would have known before 8am that they were having stock issues. I became increasingly annoyed due to the lack of information even after chasing several times.  While speaking to customer services about why I did not receive my delivery, I found the customer service rep to be rude and unhelpful. Two strikes – missed delivery and then rude customer service. I promptly asked for a refund and have decided to purchase a vacuum cleaner elsewhere.

To create these memorable moments for customers it is important to see the correlation. The positive experiences all provided knowledge into the problem and proper visibility. Littlewoods had full delivery tracking and information in real-time and Glossier could foresee the problem and was able to delight the customer while informing them ahead of time about the delay.

The negative experience shows that when your operations are not aligned your and staff are not informed, situations that could have been easily resolved through communication become difficult and create a loss in customers and reputation.  

OBS Logistics provides an electronic proof of delivery solution which helps companies to achieve faster, more efficient deliveries through monitoring deliveries in real time with significantly less paperwork and reduced manual data entry. A track and trace solution is also available to enable internal customer services teams and customers themselves over the web to monitor progress of the delivery.

Visibility for your customer is a constant growing demand, as the market becomes more competitive it is important to keep up with these demands by providing positive customer experiences through informative and efficient processes.

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