Benefits the CALIDUS Suite Can Bring to Warehousing

Posted by Nathanael Lessore 6 Jun, 2018



Warehouse management systems all provide standardised benefits and have features enabling teams to manage warehouse operations, but it’s the features around a warehouse management system that provide your business with the real benefits. Working with a system that can successfully integrate and provide you with these features helps to enhance operations in aspects such as efficiency and accuracy. 


The CALIDUS suite of products does not only provide warehouse management solutions, but also features that work smoothly alongside the system such as a bay diary, container management facilities, barcode scanning, customer and internal portal, dashboards and more. These modules provide enhanced visibility across operations allowing your teams the ability to foresee any issues, provide customers with up to date accurate information and much more.


Bay Diary
A bay diary ensures your vehicles arrive through a planned effective process; the ability to record stock arriving on site into your warehouse gives you an efficient, fast process of transferring goods and the ability to maintain a level of deliveries entering your warehouse. Bay diary gives everyone a consistent view of arrivals and departures and whether these are running to time. It’s easy to spot busy periods and make sure resources are appropriate for the tasks for each hour of the day.


Container management facilities
Enables teams to track individual containers from shipment point into and from your site including the ability to manage potential demurrage risk. You can also record the condition of containers.  For container yard operators wireless terminals in container handling vehicles can completely replace paper, dramatically speeding the process and providing a robust audit trail.


 Barcode scanning with full RF & voice capability
Enables live productivity data capture from RF terminals providing you with instant picture of all your warehouse activity and operational efficiency.


Secure user access allows your team and your individual customers discrete access to real time information about order status, stock balances, pick and despatch status, through a security controlled portal which can be branded in yours and/or your customers’ corporate style.


Dashboards and fully automated alert tools, available on smartphones on the go and at the office provide management level live monitoring across your business, allowing you the capability to be alerted of any impending issues before they become critical. This provides huge benefits to your operations ensuring pre-emptive actions are taken in time to meet your KPI’s.



The ability to integrate your systems

Every business has a goal to grow, the ability and benefit of your WMS system seamlessly integrating with your other systems creates huge potential and flexibility for your operations. Rapid business growth can seem less daunting when all your systems are working together efficiently providing you a single version of the truth about what is happening in your logistics operation. Whether that is now, or not quite yet, your WMS system should be providing you with these possibilities right now.


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