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3 Reasons why Electronic Proof of Delivery is Right for your Business

Posted by Matthew Turner 17 Feb, 2016

Paper proof of delivery systems simply can’t keep up in today’s fast-paced logistics industry, where overnight and next day shipments are the...


Can logistics software provide reliable customer delivery windows?

Posted by Matthew Turner 10 Feb, 2016

If you’re under pressure to improve customer service and increase operational efficiency, logistics software solutions are likely to be top of...


3 ways to tell if your telematics system is being used properly

Posted by Matthew Turner 1 Feb, 2016

Fleet telematics is a well-used term for anybody involved in managing commercial vehicles. Many companies invested in telematics solutions over 10...


How does an electronic proof of delivery (EPOD) system work?

Posted by Matthew Turner 22 Jan, 2016

Good communication is essential to success in business. And in the logistics industry, customers expect to know where their orders are.Like our...


10 ways an ePOD system is vital to your delivery business in 2016

Posted by Matthew Turner 18 Jan, 2016

As we enter a new year, you may be looking to take your logistics operations to the next level. We know that ePOD can help companies to make...


Is your proof of delivery system damaging your business?

Posted by Matthew Turner 11 Jan, 2016

With consumer loyalty at an all-time low and expectations at an all-time high, it’s essential that retailers do everything they can to stand out...