5 Reasons You Need Software to Help With Your Supply Chain

Posted by Alexandra Jeffert 26 May, 2017

 The supply chain is a complex operation; aspects of your business will undoubtedly be changing constantly.  It is important, not only for the growth of your business, but the industry also, to understand the reasons why you may need help with your supply chain operations.


number 1- business is growing.pngBusiness is growing

Growth in a business is an extremely positive thing, however, with growth comes obstacles, old processes and systems do not always have the capability to facilitate your growth. Growth is important, but being successful and efficient during that period is vital. With a multitude of processes carried out each day in your growing business, processes and performance can be improved using software that has the capability to consolidate your operations. With the help of software such as CALIDUS Track and Trace (TTM), you can have a consolidated view and single point of reference for delivery status across your operations. You have all the data from your warehouse, transport, accounts and ERP systems in one place so you can track the progress of an order throughout your entire supply chain.


number 2 - sophisticated operations.pngIncreasingly sophisticated operations

Each year operations within logistics are becoming more sophisticated, new technologies are discovered and along with this, customer needs and requirements are changing. Businesses across the globe are continuously improving customer offering and visibility, therefore it is important your business does too. The software you implemented 15 years ago may not be able to provide such ability to sustain competitive advantage. The CALIDUS software solutions can provide your business the opportunity to meet these new market needs and stay ahead of the game. CALIDUS ePOD increases efficiency across businesses creating a better experience for your customers, proof of delivery can be emailed to your customer to confirm deliveries, this can help to reduce customer queries and speed up resolution of disputes. Our customers have real-time supply chain visibility with CALIDUS Track and Trace (TTM), and real traffic light style KPI warnings. Transport management teams can re-route trips to avoid missing delivery time slots ensuring happy customers!


number 3- moving into new markets.pngMoving into new markets

Moving your business into new markets requires new strategies and the need for features you may not have on your current system. With expansion in your company comes expansion in your everyday operations. For example, the fresh food market requires management and control over food and their expiry dates. It is fundamental you have the right tools to manage all different needs in your warehouse and our CALIDUS WMS can help you with all those new needs. You can configure it to meet your specific needs and your operations can be parameterised to meet the specific needs of each product type including shelf life, temperature control, sell by dates, catch weights and more.


number 4 - cost effective.pngCost effective

Overtime you may realise that your current operations are not achieving cost effective results. Our customers use CALIDUS Transport Management System as it supports adherence to service levels thereby reducing the cost of service failure. In order to ensure your business is cost effective, you need to be able to track your revenue, costs and profitability, the CALIDUS TMS provides your cost history and profitability analysis ensuring total control and visibility of your business.

Fuel can be a significant outgoing cost. CALIDUS TMS optimises your drivers’ miles, maximises vehicle fill and reduces empty running miles, all of which therefore save you unnecessary costs. Operations don’t always run smoothly, misplacement of pallets and equipment can be costly, but the CALIDUS TMS significantly reduces the cost of losses through effective pallet and equipment tracking.


number 5 - Efficiency.pngEfficiency

Software systems are used to improve logistic businesses and are forever changing to enhance and adapt to business needs. Replacing manual tasks with specifically programmed tasks allows you to optimise your time and focus on various aspects of your business. Improved labour management and resource monitoring are two of the many benefits of using a CALIDUS WMS system. If aspects in your operations are not creating a process which utilises staff and tasks in a timely efficient manner, you may need help with your supply chain.

Is your WMS fully integrated with your TMS? Efficiencies gained from running your transport and warehouse operations together within one system include eliminating the complexities of integrating two separate products, together with operational benefits such as being able to combine cross docking transport operations and warehousing movements to operate seamlessly through a single scanning/RF solution benefitting from the cost saving and the efficiency that brings.

If your business is growing and you would like to find out how a Warehouse Management System can help your business, click here and read our WMS guide here.

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