4 Opportunities Made Possible with a Transport Management System

Posted by Yasmeen Hassoun 21 Sep, 2017

'Working with a system that can be used for a range of capabilities is important; as business grows you need a system that grows with your business.' 



1 Good customer service is an imperative factor, making it a prime objective for every business in supply chain operations, and rightly so. In order to obtain this, your teams need full operation visibility in order to provide vital information to customers. When customers request further information due to a missing or late delivery, and your team are not sure of the current status because it has not yet been reported due to lack of ability to communicate in real time, what do you do? The CALIDUS Transport Management System allows transport teams access to up to date accurate information with the ability to react to trip changes through communications with drivers. Having a system that allows you this visibility, with the opportunity to contact your drivers en route, allows for efficient crisis management, keeping customers informed of any route changes. This helps to manage expectations and therefore improves overall customer service.

2  When business is booming, it's great, but not so great when your team are unable to manage peak loads. Whether your business is preparing for black Friday, Christmas or an occasion which involves a large amount of deliveries, a system that can keep up with the demand is essential. If your demand is too great for the operational process you currently have in place, it will affect your capability to perform well and build business, so how do you ensure your operations are prepared and able to manage peak loads? Due to the scalability of the CALIDUS software system, teams have the opportunity to deal with peak loads at busy times of the year. Working with a system that can be used for a range of capabilities is important; as business grows you need a system that grows with your business. A versatile system is indispensable, CALIDUS TMS can be configured to meet a broad range of needs such as supporting your company structure, support in international operations and much more.

3  The market is ever-changing and evolving, and alongside this are increased customer expectations. Customer needs and expectations are greater than ever before. Delivery businesses have proven to perform at high standards providing customers with next day or same day delivery which in turn has created an increase in what is expected from businesses on average. What happens when your competitors are promising faster delivery time slots but you are unable to match this? Not because of lack of ability or quality of your team, but because your team do not have the facilities to extensively plan in advance in order to achieve these said expectations. Specific operations require various levels of planning, CALIDUS TMS provides a multitude of planning tools, including but not limited to, route templates for particular days, automatic or manual allocation of jobs to trips and calculation of planned arrival and departure times for each trip. It is a common need for customers to expect next day delivery services, therefore it is essential to ensure your vehicle fleet is operating at maximum capacity, but in order to do so, complex planning must be completed. These planning opportunities, made possible through CALIDUS TMS, assist your team in working efficiently and allow for effective crisis management in good time. 

4 It is essential for all delivery businesses to have easy order capture and management. Following on from above; a good process for order capture and management creates a positive customer experience and therefore is likely to meet expectations. Flexibility is an important factor, within the last couple of years flexibility in operations have made a significant difference to both customers and businesses. The world has adopted a technology driven approach for most aspects in daily life, including ordering goods. In order to stay relevant and compete in your market successfully, you must progress alongside the world, ensuring your customers have flexible options when ordering. CALIDUS TMS aids in the management of orders generated by facilitating flexible options to input and amend orders on screen and gives customers the ability to place orders over the web or via EDI. CALIDUS TMS offers a range of order capture and management features  suitable for multi-client contract operations and provides the opportunity to construct detailed reporting based on a variety of parameters.

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