3 Reasons why Electronic Proof of Delivery is Right for your Business

Posted by Matthew Turner 17 Feb, 2016

3 reasons an electronic proof of delivery system is right for your business

Paper proof of delivery systems simply can’t keep up in today’s fast-paced logistics industry, where overnight and next day shipments are the norm, and customer expectations are set high. If your company is struggling to track deliveries and returns, an electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solution could be a worthwhile investment. Here are three good reasons that back this up… 

Electronic proof of delivery can improve delivery efficiency 

According to Supply Chain Quarterly, the "Amazon Effect" has conditioned shoppers to expect fast and affordable home delivery services. No one expects to pay a hefty shipping and handling fee, spend weeks waiting for a package to arrive in the mail, or deal with a complicated returns process. These are no longer seen as benefits - instead, these are basic expectations. If we expect this as consumers, should it really be a surprise that we now expect the same service levels as business customers? 

However, not every company can afford to run operations to compete with the online retail giant. The high cost of services can lead to some running operations at a net loss. Luckily, ePOD systems can ensure that all elements of a delivery run as smoothly as possible. By automating processes, transport providers can better serve customers, increase productivity, lower operating costs and increase margins. 

Rather than relying on paper manifests and delivery notes, drivers can use ePOD software on handheld mobile devices to update order details, arrange for printed invoices and manage returns on the spot. This saves time off each delivery and increases productivity for both the driver and customer.  Time is also saved when the driver returns to base, as much of the debrief process is automated. 

The right proof of delivery system can help you understand your customers 

Drivers can also use ePOD systems to record customer preferences and provide a personalised service. Important details, such as whether they prefer deliveries to the front or the back of a store, can be a real help to customers and make all the difference to supplier relationships. 

Customer records are updated in real time by the driver, ensuring that all future deliveries are made according to these preferences. This means that service can be tailored to a company’s specific needs, even if they work with different drivers on each delivery. 

Electronic proof of delivery can help to analyse your logistics operations 

Transportation and logistics enterprises of any size value the oversight and analytics that ePOD solutions can provide. 

ePOD also reduces errors that are possible with paper based proof of delivery methods, as documents cannot be damaged or misplaced on the road. Instead, data is stored in a central repository which makes it possible to analyse complex patterns. This data can then be communicated across your company in real time, so everyone in your transport department can access the same delivery information. There’s no need for time-consuming manual data entry, and no risk of wrongly keyed numbers or delayed updates. 

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