CALIDUS WMS is a proven warehouse management software system that integrates with existing software to enable a streamlined operation with full supply chain visibility.

RF enabled warehouse softwareIdeally suited to companies with multiple locations, including providers of third party logistics services, it is is a platform of choice for many household names including Wickes, Berry Bros and Rudd, Potter Logistics, Hanson Logistics, British Gas and DHL.

It is a configurable multi-warehouse, multi owner inventory management system that tracks inventory from goods receipt through to final delivery, capturing detailed performance data to support planning and performance monitoring.


  • RF and Voice enabled 
  • Manages core warehouse operations such as receipt, put away, pick planning, pick wave generationWarehouse Management Software System
  • Handles additional requirements such as replenishments, returns, pick and pack
  • Electronic order capture and allocation 
  • Monitors performance against KPIs
  • Intelligently maps the warehouse
  • Rules based for efficient put away, picking, or hazardous goods management. 
  • Automated task allocation for optimal productivity.
  • Resource management selects the correct resource for the task, for example, counterbalance, forklift, or intrinsically safe handling equipment.
  • Tariff and billing facility for logistics service providers

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