Transport management software that takes your business further

Our transport management system is designed to help companies plan and manage transport operations that drive business growth. Reduce empty running miles, optimise delivery schedules and track orders through to final delivery and billing.

Optimise trips with CALIDUS TMS

Optimise trips from order capture to delivery

Planning transport operations can be a challenge, but CALIDUS TMS provides the support you need. The system’s comprehensive functionality includes dynamic routing and scheduling, automatic/manual allocation of jobs to trips and cross-docking capabilities.

Download our guide to CALIDUS TMS here (PDF) >
Track and trace vehicles in real time with CALIDUS TTM

Track vehicles and deliveries in real time

CALIDUS TTM (Track and Trace) enables your transport team to monitor the progress of orders, vehicle trips and individual deliveries. Benefits include greater efficiency across your transport operations and improved customer service. With real-time status updates and live ETAs, it’s easy to keep your customers in the loop - and avoid any penalties for missed delivery slots.

Download our guide to CALIDUS TTM here (PDF) >
Make billing more accurate with our comprehensive tariff and billing functions

Bill accurately and analyse profitability

If you’re a 3PL or distribution firm, our comprehensive tariff and billing functions make it simple to charge for the services carried out. In-built costing of vehicle operations also enables profitability analysis by customer, contract, vehicle and consignment.

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Paperless delivery management with CALIDUS TMS

Paperless delivery management

Using our electronic proof of delivery system as part of a CALIDUS TMS solution can streamline delivery processes and increase stock accuracy - as well as significantly reducing the amount of paper your transport operations consume.

Logistics firms use CALIDUS ePOD to cut spending on printing and document storage, as well as speed up their invoicing processes, resolve issues faster and reduce the likelihood of delivery disputes.

Find out more about the benefits of CALIDUS ePOD here (PDF) >
CALIDUS TMS supports complete integration with warehouse management

Integration with warehouse management

For companies that also manage warehouse operations, CALIDUS TMS supports the complete integration of supply chain activity because it will readily integrate with CALIDUS WMS and other Warehouse Management systems.

CALIDUS Total Logistics: on-premise solution or managed service

On-premise solution or managed service

Install TMS and CALIDUS Total Logistics on-premise or implement the solution as a managed service, with the software hosted in our highly secure UK data centres. 

We know flexibility is important to our customers, which is why our pricing models can be tailored to reflect your specific requirements and KPIs. We can also integrate with existing TMS, while enabling you to track orders through to final billing and delivery.

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