Electronic Proof of Delivery and signature capture

Electronic Proof of Delivery Product Overview

CALIDUS ePOD is a mobile electronic proof of delivery system which includes signature capture, bar-code and photo capture.

It improves efficiency in the delivery process for more responsive customer service, greater delivery accuracy and improved cash flow.

When integrated with CALIDUS TTM it enables delivery tracking in real-time with live ETA and integrates with CALIDUS TMS for a complete transport management solution.

  • automatically update core systems with the delivery outcome to ensure accuracy and avoid duplication of information

  • reduce customer delivery disputes with printed proof of delivery, including electronic signature capture, barcode scanning and photo-evidence.

  • improve delivery tracking with up to the minute information on any issues or changes to delivery, thereby improving customer service

  • reduce the time lapse between delivery and invoicing so that invoices are paid more quickly

  • provide customer access to online proof of delivery information ensuring fewer post-delivery queries and payment issues